SolarFest started with an innovative idea: Hold a festival that showcases the power and possibilities of solar energy. Since its inception in 1995, SolarFest promotes artistic excellence and community-building while providing both general and detailed information on a wide range of sustainable living topics. And the entire festival, including the ultra-professional sound and lights on our main stage, ran on renewable energy! We pioneered this concept: inviting a few thousand people to a festival in Vermont to show that SOLAR WORKS.

After over 25 successful years, SolarFest has achieved many of the things we set out to do. Vermont is now a leader in the renewable energy industry, with Rutland being named the “Solar Capital of New England” and its largest city, Burlington Vermont, having successfully become the first city in the United States to run on 100% renewable energy. Vermont also now has the most solar jobs per capita in the US. We see the success of renewable energy across the country and, with the result from the Paris Climate Agreement, the rest of the world as well.

A permanent home for SolarFest: SolarFest began 2021 with some incredibly good news — a major donation towards acquiring a permanent home to support the programming and community building that are vital to our mission!

Now, after all the generous contributions and dedicated work of our volunteer “space force,” we’re finally to put down roots at the old Steinberg Farm in Brandon, Vermont.

Expanding and strengthening the role of SolarFest could not happen at a more crucial time.  We encourage you to become more involved in this critical struggle.

We are planning a variety of workshops, workforce development, and other events including how to engage politicians and others who may not share our concern for the environmental benefits of renewable energy but who are concerned about the financial, economic and job benefits.

Emphasizing the benefits will result in greater success in bringing more people to support renewable energy and help respond to the attacks of special interests.

SolarFest is so much more than a festival: Our 501(c)(3) non-profit mission is quite simple and vital: SolarFest connects people, the arts, ideas and technology, fostering partnerships and activism to create a vibrant present and a sustainable future. Today, SolarFest continues to produce the Northeast’s premier renewable energy and arts festival, combining outstanding entertainment with not-to-be-missed workshops in a family-friendly, sustainable community. As New England’s most entertaining energy and music festival, we offer:

  • World-class musical acts from a spectrum of styles and traditions on the main stage
  • Presentations by some of the most knowledgeable renewable energy experts
  • How-to and hands-on workshops on the full range of sustainable subjects
  • Special children’s activities including our renowned Theater in the Woods
  • Sustainable marketplace with a wide variety of food, craft, energy and sustainable living vendors

Plus plenty of space throughout the weekend for serendipitous encounters, conversation, dancing, hiking, camping, relaxation, and an overall celebration of our planet’s beauty and bounty.

We sincerely hope that you will join us as we redouble our efforts in support of energy education and climate protection and become more involved in our struggle for a fair, just, clean energy future.

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