Keynote Presentation

“Transition to a Regenerative Economy”

Storm Cunningham outlines a successful approach to community revitalization and natural resource restoration.

SolarFest Interview

Storytelling Beyond ‘Planet of the Humans’

SolarFest Trustee Dave Conna and Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, enjoy a wide-ranging conversation; including our shared, disappointing experience of being included in the recent Michael Moore movie, and quickly going beyond to address the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Workshop Videos

Virtual Musical Performances By:

Freddi Shehadi

Emmy Award winning guitarist/songwriter Freddi Shehadi’s compositions have been heard worldwide on major network shows and films. Freddi commands a wide range of styles and textures in his performances, capturing the energy of a performance from spontaneity.
Forthcoming Album:Freddi Shehadi Volume One

Lara Herscovitch

Returning to the SolarFest stage is Lara Herscovitch, Singer/Songwriter-of-the-Year 2011. Lara is a gem of a modern American troubadour. A singer-songwriter-poet and performer, she writes masterful modern folk-Americana music, sings and leads with authenticity, integrity, humor and heart, and delivers performances that inspire, inform, uplift and entertain.

Patchouli & Terra Guitarra

Master guitarist Bruce Hecksel and singer-songwriter, guitarist Julie Patchouli have performed over 5,000 shows, toured a million miles on the road supporting 22 CD releases, performed on TV, film and are played on radio programs around the World. Their soulful fusion of blazing Spanish and world guitar instrumentals, heartstring tugging lyrics, lush vocal harmonies, and epic folk-rock anthems infused with a visible onstage chemistry guarantees to make the night an uplifting one of music that will leave you uniquely inspired and excited to pick that old guitar back up.

Please thank our generous sponsors for making the SolarFest 25th Anniversary Celebration into a reality!