SolarFest Depends on Your Generosity!

SolarFest has remained strong for more than 25 years because of the people who participate; the artists, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and volunteers. We were able to celebrate our silver anniversary because of everyone who contributed their time, enthusiasm and money to support our common goals.

Consider making a tax deductible contribution to SolarFest today.

SolarFest is all about hope. It started with the hope that if people saw solar power at work on a full production stage, they would be inspired. They were! It continued with the hope that workshops and speakers would change people’s lives. They did! As we increasingly experience the effects of climate change, it is more important than ever to feed the hope that our actions at all levels will help to bring about the massive changes needed.

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Thanks to Our Generous Donors

We are extremely grateful to all those who have contributed to SolarFest’s success. We are kept strong by the individuals and organizations committed to our mission to connect people, the arts, ideas and technology, while fostering partnerships and activism to create a vibrant present and a sustainable future.

We reached the goal of our first Matching Grant Challenge, where a generous long-time supporter provided a $25,000 match to the funds raised from individual donations and our Climate Ride team, and would like to recognize the generosity of these friends and benefactors for their commitment to our mission of energy education through the arts.

  • Charles W. Albrecht
  • Rob Anderegg
  • Kevin Bailey
  • Mike Bailey
  • J Randell Barclay
  • Carmen Berelson
  • Dr. Steven Berry
  • Barry Biederman
  • John F. Blittersdorf
  • Catherine Bock
  • David Bolevice
  • Paul Borghard
  • Clay Burnbull
  • Reed Carr
  • Melissa & Robin Chesnut-Tangerman
  • Climate Ride
  • Dave Conna
  • Joanne & Paul Coons
  • Patrick & Pamela Cooper
  • James Corven
  • Timothy Croft
  • Yves De Senneville
  • Jeffrey Dexter
  • Energy Federation, Inc (EFI)
  • Robert Ericson
  • Travis Fryer
  • Larry Gold
  • Jim Gilmour
  • Steve Goldsmith
  • Green Energy Times
  • Greg Hancock
  • Paul Heller
  • Lucille Horkan
  • Lola & Raymond Johnson
  • Stephen Kiernan
  • Barbara Kingery
  • Janice & Steve Kurkoski
  • Emily Koester
  • Bill Laberge
  • Karen Lee
  • Michael Lees
  • Cynthia Legg
  • Steve & Kathy Letendre
  • Nancy Rae Mallery
  • The Maple Ridge Charitable Fund
  • Kim McCoy
  • Charleen P. Miles
  • Lisa Miller Purcell
  • John Morey
  • Diana Myrvang
  • Dan O’Connell
  • Jo & Grant Reynolds
  • Steve Rhine
  • Leslie Silver
  • Dan Tappan
  • Dr. Melvin T. Tyree
  • Vanguard Charitable
  • Todd Walker
  • Gail West

Thank you!