Sat. Sept. 10, 2022 at the Old Steinberg Farm in Brandon, VT

A fun and relaxing blend of music, food, art, education, exhibits, dancing, and exciting and interesting conversations — our first opportunity to gather, share ideas, and learn how to best confront the challenges of our time and celebrate earth’s beauty and bounty in Brandon. (map to our new home)

Thank you to everyone who was part of our 2022 Celebration.

Thanks to the performers on the SOLAR-POWERED STAGE

Thanks to the expert workshop presenters!

Cool Electric Vehicles — Land, Sea & Air
Todd Tyson joined by several EV colleagues

Intro to Solar PV & Storage — Getting Started
Danielle Laberge

Inflation Reduction Act — What’s It Mean to Me?
Bill Laberge

Net-Zero Building Design — Affordable & Practical
Gwen St. Sauveur

And with deepest gratitude to all the volunteers.
Thank you for being part of this new SolarFest adventure! 
We can’t do it without your generous participation.