2020 Keynote Address

Storm Cunningham outlines a successful approach to community revitalization and natural resource restoration.

SolarFest Interview

SolarFest Trustee Dave Conna and Richard Heinberg, Senior Fellow at the Post Carbon Institute, enjoy a wide-ranging conversation; including our shared, disappointing experience of being included in the recent Michael Moore movie, and quickly going beyond to address the challenges and opportunities ahead.

2019 Keynote Address: “The Just and Sustainable World”

Dr. Edward Cameron proposes climate justice as our compass.

“Building Resilience” 2018 keynote by Chris Martenson
“Among the handful of observers making sense of the economic scene.”
—James Howard Kunstler
Filmmaker and activist Josh Fox performed “The Truth Has Changed” tracing the arc of American propaganda and misinformation.
“Entertaining, fun, insightful and important.” – Tim Robbins