The Truth Has Changed

The Truth Has Changed is a solo monologue which traces the arc of American propaganda and misinformation from 9/11 to Trump from the perspective of the front lines. [Josh Fox: Director / Writer / Cast]

Josh Fox traces his personal arc from 9/11 to present day America with chilling proximity – a story that offers both a warning and a way forward for our besieged democracy. He became one of America’s firsthand witnesses to systemic corruption and a deeply terrifying shift towards a kind of authoritarian government that we have not before seen in the USA. Through his complex, funny and dramatic storytelling, Josh portrays a dizzying confusing landscape in which, The Truth has Changed.

Written, directed and starring Oscar Nominated, Emmy Winning Josh Fox (GASLAND)
In a political and media landscape filled with propaganda, misinformation, personal smear and outright falsehoods it is important to remember that We The People have the power to take back the truth!
But we must take ACTION. We must be the voice of TRUTH in the face of those out to corrupt our Democracy for profit.

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